The Rhythm of the Hayes expedition will start at the northern tip of Lake Winnipeg at Norway House on August 1st 2014 and will end 610 km north at the mouth of the Hayes river at York Factory, Hudson Bay on the 25th of August. The route will be broken into six smaller sections: the upper Nelson River, Echimamish River, Upper Hayes, Lake Country, Shield Transition, and Hudson Bay Lowlands. We will drive with our equipment and supplies to Norway House, and we will paddle our canoe for approximately twenty five days until we reach Hudson Bay. We will charter a plane to get to Gillam, MB in order to catch the train to Winnipeg.

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We want ourselves and others to grow and live in tune with nature, and learn from her wisdom. We hope that through our expedition we will gain many valuable insights about the natural world and the human experience in the wilderness. We hope to share these ideas with others while bringing awareness to the importance of our connection to nature. We will add a unique approach to our expedition by documenting some of the effects that humanity (climate change, pollution, recreation and commercial use) is having on this remote and historical wilderness, and sharing the valuable historical context of the area and its past cultures.