May 13, 2014

The Canoe

We got an Old Town 16ft Appalachian Canoe. We were glad of the good deal that we found; the canoe was here in Winnipeg, and we bought it for $800.

The canoe is made of Royalex one of the strongest canoe materials, and is designed for up to Class III rapids; due to the remoteness of our route we will need a very reliable material that won't give in even under the hardest conditions.

It is small for lakes so it won't track as well, but it has more manoeuvrability on rapids over a 17ft canoe.

Ours has skid plates and knee pads, but it has a lot of scrapes and bumps on the bottom.

The outer layers of a Royalex canoe are covered in colored vinyl to protect the inner ABS plastic layers from photo-degradation.
We will paint the hull with Krylon Fusion for Plastic Spray Paint as recommended by many canoe owners.