May 6, 2014

Hanson's Creek

Hanson's Creek

We were excited on May 4th to paddle for the first time of the season. We started our 12 km trip at 14:30 and paddled for 2.5 hrs and took our 30 min snack break and then paddled back for only 1.5 hrs. Riley behaved well, but we had to constantly remind him to sit down on the canoe.

The name of this route is Frances Lake located inside Whiteshell Provincial Park. The trip is 13 km to the lake  and 18 km to to the campsite on the lake; the route includes 4 portages. Unfortunately time didn't allow us to do the entire route. The access point is off Highway 44 starting at Hanson's Creek Dam, 17 km north of West Hawk Lake town site.

"We slept in the tent last night; mostly a good sleep and woke up late. We began on Frances Lake canoe route and paddled through the meandering stream surrounded by marsh with poplar and coniferous stands cradling the marsh and us. Wildlife included an eagle, many different kinds of ducks, geese and an otter." Jennifer

"The colours and contrast of the area are what caught me off guard and astounded me the most: blue sky, rich green and dense layers of yellow and gold, the first signs of life thriving. Also the mirror effect that the water demonstrated when passing the high rocks which were covered by trees was very humbling." Jennifer

I thought about the expedition of course. Thought about how with the website and people supporting us we are committed. Of course we won’t do any trip out of vain or pressure, but the support is definitely more reason to do it.

I observed how we paddled together, fairly well I would say. I felt a connection to my own control in the stern and brushed up on some of my skills in the bow. I didn’t feel frustrated a whole lot which is rare when I am paddling with someone else. We did have a small amount of tension but in general respected each other's ideas.

It was truly a beautiful afternoon exploring the environment in which I grew up but never really knew.