May 6, 2014

Applying for MEC Expedition Support

Applying for MEC Expedition Support

On May 1st was the deadline for applying for Expedition Support from MEC. So we worked a long time writing the 8 pages long application requesting $1000, and equipment for emergencies and canoeing. 
The application contains:

  • Abstract of the expedition
  • Introduction to the participants
  • Detailed trip plan
  • Budget
  • Support request

There are 3 opportunities to apply for support throughout the year:
Winter Cycle 
Application deadline: February 1 
Spring Cycle 
Application deadline: May 1 
Fall Cycle 
Application deadline: October 1

To pay back for support in case we get a grant, we agree to acknowledge MEC in media communications, and take quality videos and pictures that MEC could use in its ads.